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Hello & Welcome To Anumis Legal, your go-to Noosa Lawyers

If you have a concern or question that requires a legal opinion, you have landed in the perfect place. From our beautiful office at the Noosa Marina, it is our pleasure to take care of all your commercial law, family law, estate planning and property law matters.

The first step on our journey together begins with an obligation free chat about your commercial or family law matter. During that complimentary consultation, we will answer your questions and let you know how we can best advise you and negotiate, mediate, or litigate for you. You will receive a Client Service Agreement that outlines what we can do for you. Every step of the way, you are kept up to date, engaged and will remain an integral part of the process. If you want to learn more about our legal services, give us a call on 07 5455 6347 or fill out our contact form to speak with our team today!

Dr John & Nadine Love

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Commercial Law & Family Law Experts

Anumis Legal provides commercially practical, strategic, & streetwise legal advice & solutions for your business growth & your family law needs.

Commercial Lawyers Sunshine Coast

Commercial & Corporate Law

Anumis Legal provides support and guidance to help clients navigate business-related issues, such as disputes, starting or selling a business, running a business to name a few. Whether you are an established business owner, developer or investor or an entrepreneur starting their business journey, our commercial lawyers can assist you with all aspects of business operation.
Family Lawyers Sunshine Coast

Family Law

We understand that you may be experiencing considerable stress during a difficult and challenging time if you are experiencing a breakdown in your relationship. It can be confusing and frustrating to establish your legal position. Our family lawyers at Anumis Legal will approach your family law matter professionally and empathetically, working with you to settle your dispute through conciliatory methods, such as negotiation or family mediation, to hopefully avoid expensive and lengthy litigation.
Dispute Lawyers Sunshine Coast

Commercial Mediation

Lawyers at our firm have a wealth of experience in commercial mediation and dispute resolution, achieving countless successful outcomes for clients. We are known for our legal strategy, practicality, and commerciality. Client relationships allow us to handle cases in a manner that suits their needs and resources. Often, that means resolving disputes through negotiation rather than going through the court system.
Property Lawyers Sunshine Coast

Property Law

From first home buyers to property developers taking on complex mixed-use projects, our property lawyers work with clients across the Sunshine Coast and the broader region of Queensland. Because of our diverse client base, we are well versed in all facets of property law and can thus assist you with any inquiry. Check out our property law page to learn more about how we can be of assistance.
Liquidation & Bankruptcy Lawyers Sunshine Coast

Liquidation & Bankruptcy Law

Anumis Legal advises and works with insolvency practitioners (trustees and liquidators) regularly. Because of this close relationship, we are uniquely positioned to provide directors facing insolvency or bankruptcy with expert advice and support. We offer understanding and expert advice regarding bankruptcy and insolvency at Anumis Legal. Our firm can help if you are concerned that you may be exposed to liquidators.
Banking & Finance Lawyers Sunshine Coast

Banking & Finance Law

We have experienced lawyers in our banking and finance team who are widely acknowledged as experts in their field. Technical expertise, commercial acumen, and our capability to provide solutions that are practical, timely, and cost-effective have won the praise of our clients. We have extensive experience with financial disputes, commercial & corporate lending plus more.
Divorce Lawyers Sunshine Coast

Divorce Law

The right divorce lawyer will resolve your divorce and property separation and help you obtain the best possible result. Divorce can be an emotionally draining and difficult time for you and your family. Our expert divorce lawyers will help you through this difficult time while being excellent listeners. Above all else, our team will protect your and your children’s best interests.
Estate Planning Lawyer Sunshine Coast

Wills & Estate Planning

We can help you plan for the unexpected during your lifetime by appointing individuals you trust to make financial and personal decisions on your behalf in case of an accident, illness, or incapacity, as well as planning what will happen to your property after your death. Whether your unique circumstances are complex or simple, our wills and estate lawyers will create the right plan for you.
Conveyancing Lawyers Sunshine Coast

Conveyancing Law

One of the biggest decisions you will ever make is whether you should buy or sell a home. Our solicitors offer a service that goes beyond that of standard conveyancing firms ensuring every detail is covered. Our work will leave you confident about the completion of your property deal. A free contract review by one of our Sunshine Coast conveyancers will reduce the risk of costly complications.
Divorce Lawyers Sunshine Coast

Parenting Arrangements

When you separate, you can plan for the care of your child informally, through parenting plans and by way of parenting orders, including Consent Orders. We are here to advise and assist you with negotiation of arrangements, drafting orders and formalising your parenting arrangements by asking the court to make orders.  If you cannot agree on parenting arrangements, then we can assist you to apply to the Court for a decision regarding the best arrangements for your child.
Family Law Icon

Property Settlement

When you separate, you will likely need to determine how you will divide your property and any debts. Whether or not you agree on the division of your assets and liabilities, we are here to advise you on your rights and obligations. We can help you to formalise your agreement by applying for financial consent orders or by drafting, certifying and finalising your binding financial agreement. If you cannot agree, we will assist you in negotiations at dispute resolution or mediation, If you cannot agree during or after dispute resolution, we will deal with your Court application to make financial orders.
Conveyancing Lawyers Sunshine Coast

Same Sex Relationship Law

If you are in a same sex relationship, whether you are married or de facto, when you separate, the law treats you in the same way as opposite sex married or de facto couples in terms of parenting and financial agreements that you require to finalise matters between you. We are here to respectfully assist you to understand your rights and obligations and to achieve the division of your assets and care arrangements for your child/children as expediently and mindfully as possible.
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Why Anumis Legal Is Right For You

Anumis Legal is a local family owned and operated law firm that prides itself on professionalism, responsiveness, and long-term relationships. Return clients see Dr John and Nadine Love as part of their team. Whether it is a business, commercial, family or property matter, the combined skill set of the ‘Anumis Legal Dream Team’ ensures that legal representation is a cut above the rest.

Dr John and Nadine Love are tireless high achievers who ensure their passion for problem solving is applied for your benefit. Dr John is working on his second PHD in the field of Superannuation Law and has extensive experience in business while Nadine Love’s therapy, business, coaching, authoring, and mentoring background mean that you and your matter are given the ultimate commercial and personal understanding.

In short, if you are looking for the ultimate in relationship focused, collaborative, sharp legal representation in Noosa and on the Sunshine Coast, then Anumis Legal is for you.

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We Focus On What You Need To Ensure The Best Possible Legal Outcome

In today’s world, you have a choice when you need legal services at some stage in your business or personal life. It’s our job to help you to solve your challenge by focusing on what you need, what you want & what you want to achieve.

At Anumis Legal you are involved in the process. Your input matters. We see it as our responsibility to work in partnership with you. We clearly communicate your legal choices to you, & support you to achieve the outcome you want.

What To Expect When You Engage Anumis Legal

You can depend upon our commercially focused law firm to get to know you and your business or family matters in depth – because we know that it’s easier & cheaper to keep you out of trouble than to get you out of trouble.

Lawyers Talking — Commercial Law Services in Sunshine Coast, QLD

1. Contact Us By Phone, Email, or Online

If you would like to get in touch with us so that we can assist you with your legal issue and answer your queries, contact us in any of the following ways:

2. Attend Your Free Initial Consultation

You will be invited to a complimentary chat so that we can find out how best to advise and assist you. We will answer your questions and you have time to fill us in on your circumstances and, perhaps, what you hope to achieve.

The initial conversation is free of charge, and there is no obligation to instruct us to represent you.

During the conversation we may give you some idea as to how you can help yourself, and we will let you know how we can assist you. We will also inform you as to how much it will likely cost you to engage us to represent you and to settle your matter. Sometimes we can only estimate costs, while at other times it is easy to give you a definite cost, depending on what it is that we will do for you.

The free initial consultation can be via Microsoft Teams, on Zoom, on the phone or in person at our restful office at the lovely Noosa Marina.

Once we have had the initial complimentary chat, we will send you a Client Service Agreement (CSA) that lets you know the costs involved and what we can do for you.

3. We Send You A Quote & Client Service Agreement (CSA)

After your initial complimentary chat, we will send you a Client Service Agreement (CSA) that explains what we can do for you and the costs involved.

You may be asked to place money into our Trust Account so that we can get a prompt start on your matter. If your matter extends beyond the scope of the CSA, we will let you know the ongoing costs involved, whether a fixed fee or estimate, depending on your circumstances. You can then top up your Trust funds or pay the invoices we issue to you directly.

You will receive regular Trust Account Statements and invoices so that you always know exactly what your expenditure is. We bill regularly so that there is never a build-up of costs. This is to avoid the stress of receiving an unexpected or huge bill.

We process payments from Trust once each stage of the work is complete. If you place funds in Trust and the monies are not required, Trust funds are returned to a bank account you nominate. Invoices are due to for payment within (7) days.

4. You Decide If You Want To Engage Our Services

When you receive your Client Service Agreement (CSA) you can engage our legal services in the following ways: 

  • You continue to instruct us.
  • You accept the CSA by email or phone.
  • You sign your CSA and return it to our office.
  • You place the required money into our Trust Account.

5. We start your matter promptly and attend vigorously

Once we have received the required funds into Trust and your instructions to start work on your matter, we get to work.

At Anumis Legal, we strive to be prompt, responsive and thorough. We follow up with you, other solicitors and the other parties to your matter and you are kept in the loop at all times.

Our service is canny, courteous and committed. Our standards are high and our settlement records unrivalled. We focus on strategic outcomes for you. At the core of our work ethic is resolving your matter respectfully and, if need be, robustly.

6. We keep you up to date as we work with you to resolve your matter

  • We take your instructions by meeting, phone or email or a combination.
  • You are provided with draft correspondences to approve.
  • You are copied on correspondences.
  • You receive regular invoices & Trust Account Statement(s).
  • If your matter is ongoing, then we may ask for additional funds in Trust.

7. Your matter concludes or settles

Once your matter finalises, you will receive a Trust Account Statement and if any of the requested funds have not been utilised, the monies will be returned to your nominated bank account.

We look forward to working with you again. We are pleased to take care of any and all of your commercial, family, property and estate matters.

As Dr John says: ”It’s cheaper to keep you out of trouble than get you out of trouble”, so if you have a niggling question or a contract to look over, or you need a snippet of advice, all you have to you is call, email or hop onto our website and connect. The Anumis Legal Team are here to look after all of your legal needs.

8. Your Future Legal Needs

In your future, if you need legal assistance, we look forward to assisting you again.

Schedule Your FREE Initial Consultation With Our Noosa Solicitors Today

Whether you call, email, or connect online, the best way for the Anumis Legal Dream Team to understand what you need and how we can help you is to book a completely obligation free complimentary chat. Your free chat can happen via Zoom if you prefer, by phone, or you are welcome to sit around the table with Dr John and/or Nadine Love for an open conversation during which you can ask questions and share your circumstances and concerns.

Once we have a sense of how we can assist you, we will discuss your options with you. We will then send you a Client Service Agreement that clearly states what we can do for you and the associated costs. Only once you have fully understood and agreed to an appropriate path, does the clock start ticking. For your free consultation, call Dr John Cronin or Nadine Love today on 07 5455 6347 or contact us online. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Meet Our Legal Team

Dr John Cronin
Dr John Cronin

Dr John Cronin holds a Master’s Degree in Business Management, a PHD in socially responsible investment, and is pursuing a further PHD in superannuation law. In his earlier engineering career, he led numerous large-scale equipment design and infrastructure development projects. A former financial and investment advisor, Dr John has a wealth of experience across banking, finance, and investment.

Nadine Love
Nadine Love

Nadine Love holds a Master’s Degree in Dramatherapy. In her earlier career as an author, mentor and trainer through her books, products, and coaching services she assisted people to transform their personal and professional lives to find confidence, clarity, success, and wellbeing. Nadine was awarded the 2020 NSW Bar Association Prize for Civil Litigation and Evidence.

When you choose Anumis Legal at the Noosa Marina, Sunshine Coast, for your commercial law services whether you are local, Brisbane or Australia based, you’ll benefit from the business-focused, solution-driven expertise of a client-focused team who will take care of you & your matter, so that you can move on.

Outstanding professional service

“Outstanding professional service and an excellent choice of firm for both our business lease and personal wills. We have sold several properties and can highly recommend Anumis Legal as the best legal service we have ever encountered. Thank you, Anumis for the peace of mind – Dr John you are a gem.

(Commercial Law and Wills and Estates Clients)

We were delighted and relieved to find Dr John

“Both my husband and myself run small family businesses on the Sunshine Coast and from time to time have needed legal advice across a variety of tasks. While other legal companies provided helpful and courteous attention, we were delighted and relieved to find Dr John Cronin at Anumis Legal a few years ago. His wealth of experience, diversity in skills and achievements ensured we received solid legal advice, provided with diligence and care. Always grateful for his collaborative approach, wise counsel, accurate advice and opinions on a wide range of issues we feel very well served legally and confident that we are in safe hands. We are proud to be clients of Anumis Legal!”

(Commercial Law Clients)

Anumis Legal ensured all the work was completed and done well

“My home was flooded due to a burst water filter whilst I was away. I had previously dealt with lawyers and hadn’t been happy with the outcome or the way I was treated. Dr John Cronin was reassuring and put me at ease straight away, I felt instantly that Dr John had my back. Dr John dealt with all contact with the builders and ensured I was provided with the correct certification and guarantees and attended site meetings to ensure I had support from start to finish. Anumis legal ensured all the work was completed and done well. ”

(Commercial Law Client)

Dr John made it easy for me

“Awesome! Thank you. Dr John made it really easy for me and I feel so much better about going into the lease now.”

(Commercial  Law Client)

Calm and clever. Keeping me focused

“Dr John had been really wonderful. Calm and clever. It’s keeping me focused. (Family Law Client)”

So glad he’s my lawyer


“The meeting with Dr John went well. So glad he’s my lawyer. (Family Law Client)”

Dr John provided great counsel, coaching, and clear advice


“I share a similar story to many young start-ups. Group of friends getting together behind an exciting idea. We set up a company, gave each other the title of director and went out to go change the world. As our company grew, it evolved and how we worked together needed to evolve with it. Dr John Cronin provided great counsel, coaching, and clear advice. Dr John mediated discussions that lead to a stronger shareholder agreement. In addition, provided us with the full new start-up business pack, we now have contractor agreements and solid terms and conditions for our services. I am a better managing director as a result of Dr John’s advice. As a team, including the businesses we now partner with, are much stronger together. I am grateful for Dr John’s support and will continue to partner with Anumis Legal as our business continues to grow.”

(Commercial Law Client)

Clarity, honesty, integrity, passion


“Their clarity, honesty, integrity and a passion for providing quality service to their clients.”

(Family Law Client)

Great solicitor. Great guy


“Dr John is a great solicitor and an all round great guy. A pleasure to meet him.”

(Commercial Law Client)

Highly ethical


“Dr John is highly ethical and really looks after his clients. I was incredibly impressed with him. I would highly recommend him to anyone. Thanks for all your hard work on our case.”

(Commercial Law Client)

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