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About Us

Anumis Legal, based at the beautiful Noosa Marina, provides options & solutions to business owners, entrepreneurs & high-net-worth individuals & so much more.

We have all aspects of your business growth,
commercial enterprise and wealth creation and your family law needs covered in an environment that makes visiting your lawyer a breeze.

Every day, our clients, colleagues & visitors to the Noosa Marina tell us daily that we have the ‘best law office in the world’. That has as much to do with our stunning location, as the very different approach we take as legal professionals. 

Your Business Adviser, Advocate & Partner

 If you’re expecting a huge reception desk blocking your path to expert legal assistance, or papers & files spilling onto the floor – you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find a clean, open, uncluttered space, boats bobbing alongside you. You’ll find Dr. John strategically solving someone’s matter at his stand-up desk, taking the time to explain strategic options to a business owner or entrepreneur. And you’ll find Nadine Love ready to listen to your unique circumstances, your needs and your wishes in order to advise and advocate for you mindfully, respectfully, strategically – and formidably (if your situation warrants it!).


At Anumis Legal you can relax

into receiving accessible, expert legal assistance right now. You’ll get your issue resolved in an efficient, responsive and timely manner so that you can get on with your commercial and personal life, knowing that we have your back.

Specific to You & Your Matter: Strategic. Street-wise.

Anumis Legal is a recognised leader in commercial law, adding value to our clients’ businesses through collaboration & consistent delivery of expert advice and exceptional customer experience. Dr. John’s forty-five years of business experience & practical knowledge combined with innovative thinking & business-focused problem solving to reach the very best solutions for you. Nadine Love adds over thirty-five years as a successful business owner, drama therapist, mentor, trainer, coach and award-winning author to her legal acumen to bring a level of understanding to you and your needs, superlative writing skills and care to you. This means that you can experience what the law can do for you alongside a genuine care for your wellbeing.

You can expect practical, streetwise legal advice

explained to you in terms of what that means in your specific matter, so that you are well prepared.

Dr John will contextualise your challenge in commercial and legal terms so that you are empowered and have some control over the important decisions he will help you to make.

Anumis combines the qualities of regeneration, prosperity & wisdom with awareness, honesty & music which perfectly reflect the individuality, consciousness & culture of a commercial law firm with a difference.

What does Anumis mean?

We’re often asked: “Where does ‘Anumis’ come from?   What does ‘Anumis’ mean?”

The inspiration for ‘ANUMIS’ arrived on a rainforest walk with golden retriever, Anu and kelpie, Missy on Blue Lily Farm, whilst seeking an appropriate name for our Commercial law firm. So … whilst Anumis sounds like Greek or Latin in origin, ‘Anu’ + ‘Mis’ comes from combining the names of our beloved four-legged companions. 

We named Anu and Missy, with mindful appreciation of what their names signify: Missy refers to Missy Higgins in honour of her irresistible, heartfelt melodies, and ‘Anu’ is the ancient Irish Goddess from Celtic mythology, known for prosperity, regeneration and wisdom.

The name, ‘Anumis’ was consciously coined as a combination of our two four-legged friend’s names Anu and Missy to bring a fresh, farm twist to naming a law firm, bringing the qualities vested in the derivations of the carefully chosen names of our beloved companions to crown our commercial law firm, at the Noosa Marina in Queensland, Australia.

Meet Our Team

Dr John Cronin

Dr John Cronin holds a Master’s Degree in Business Management, a PHD in socially responsible investment, and is pursuing a further PHD in superannuation law. In his earlier engineering career, he led numerous large-scale equipment design and infrastructure development projects. A former financial and investment advisor, Dr John has a wealth of experience across banking, finance, and investment.

Nadine Love

Nadine Love holds a Master’s Degree in Dramatherapy. In her earlier career as an author, mentor and trainer through her books, products, and coaching services she assisted people to transform their personal and professional lives to find confidence, clarity, success, and wellbeing. Nadine was
awarded the 2020 NSW Bar Association Prize for Civil Litigation and Evidence.

You can depend on our Commercial Law and Family Law firm to get to know you and your needs in depth. Our expert legal advice, courteously tailored to your specific circumstances, is at your right hand to that you can make well informed choices round the clock. We have your back.

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