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At Anumis Legal, our commercial lawyers on the Sunshine Coast are not just legal advisors; they are your partners here to assist you to navigate and understand the legal frameworks associated with your business or commercial venture. We recognise the uniqueness of your business and your needs and at Anumis Legal we tailor our services to meet your specific requirements. From preparing contracts and non-disclosure agreements to developing agreements with stakeholders, our commercial lawyers can help you legally protect and structure your business on all fronts.


Common Commercial Contracts & Agreements

At Anumis Legal, our lawyers follow a unique approach to drafting bespoke contracts and agreements. They can help you develop and maintain:

TAgreements with Stakeholders: Ensuring that the interests, roles, and responsibilities of each stakeholder are clearly defined and protected. Your stakeholder agreements serve as the bedrock for harmonious business relationships and strategic alignments.

Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs): These are designed to safeguard your business’ confidential information, ensuring your intellectual property, business strategies and other sensitive data are shielded from unauthorised disclosure and usage.

Partnership Agreements: If your business or businesses are operated by multiple individuals or entities in a partnership model then robust partnership agreements are important. Partnership agreements outline aspects such as the roles, responsibilities, capital contributions, profit-sharing ratios and exit mechanisms for partners.

If your commercial agreements are carefully drafted with your practical present and your future vision front of mind, then every legal agreement, contract and document becomes a strategic asset that can propel your business towards sustainable growth.

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Your Legal Champions, Ready to Fight

When tough decisions need robust legal backing, Anumis Legal steps up to the challenge. We combine assertive legal strategies with compassionate client care, ensuring you feel supported while aggressively pursuing your interests in any forum, from negotiation tables to courtrooms


How Anumis Legal Can Assist With Commercial Contracts & Agreements

If you know you need to safeguard your interests and facilitate smooth operations, then you need a solid legal foundation and a legal team who listen and are responsive to your needs in a changing market as you navigate the complexities of commercial dealings. At Anumis Legal, our approachable, expert dream team of lawyers take the time to consider your position, advise you thoroughly and promptly turn around your legal documents. At Anumis Legal, we welcome your questions and encourage your better understanding of the legal frameworks that are the scaffolding of your business. When you instruct Anumis Legal, you can focus entirely on your business growth, knowing your commercial contracts and agreements are handled by our responsive, reliable team.

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Book an appointment so that we can advise you on your options regarding your commercial and business needs, call Dr John or Nadine Love on 07 5455 6347 to book your complimentary chat, now.


What Our Clients Say

a week ago
Nadine helped my wife and I put together our wills. Then at very short notice, helped my Nan do hers (along with sitting down with her to explain everything). Highly recommend!
Toni Collett
Toni Collett
4 months ago
Can not recommend more Highly for the Anumis Legal Services in Tewantin. Very professional people who are also down to earth. They take the time to explain (in English for the non law people) give honest advice and feedback and actioned all that needed to be done in amazing time. Thank you so much Nadine & John - you guys are amazing. I will also be verbally on recommending your firm to anyone who asks. Kindest Regards Toni C
Jason Mills
Jason Mills
4 months ago
Dr John and the whole team at Anumis legal are extremely professional but at the same time very approachable. This is the 2nd time we have used them for a commercial lease and the process has been straight forward and easy. I would not hesitate to recommend them. Bonus points for the cute dog too!
D Lynn
D Lynn
5 months ago
My business has used Anumis Legal for all our business needs. We have used them for all our personal legal matters and have recommended them to friends who also have had exceptional service from all the team at Anumis. I highly recommend them for advice matters, legal document creation and other legal matters. 5 plus stars!!!!
Cheryl M
Cheryl M
4 months ago
Anumis Legal was recommended by a friend & we’re very pleased to have gone with his recommendation. Our matter was handled efficiently & resolved quickly. Thank you John, Nadine & Mira!

Meet Our Legal Team


Dr John Cronin

Dr John Cronin holds a Master’s Degree in Business Management, a PHD in socially responsible investment, and is pursuing a further PHD in superannuation law. In his earlier engineering career, he led numerous large-scale equipment design and infrastructure development projects. A former financial and investment advisor, Dr John has a wealth of experience across banking, finance, and investment.


Nadine Love

Nadine Love specialises in Family Law from the perspective that legal processes can and must promote wellbeing. Therapeutic Jurisprudence informs her compassionate, practical, respectful provision of legal services. In her pre-law career, Nadine devoted decades to working with groups and individuals as a therapist, mentor, trainer, and author to assist her clients to find clarity, confidence, and voice. Nadine holds a Master of Arts in Dramatherapy. In 2020, Nadine was awarded the NSW Bar Association Prize for Civil Litigation and Evidence.

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