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Conveyancing Sunshine Coast

Animus Legal is the Law firm of choice for both business owners and individuals who want a solicitor who goes above and beyond to ensure they receive a full conveyancing service. Don’t settle for a conveyancer who does the bare minimum. Call us today on 07 5455 6347 to schedule an appointment.
Conveyancing Sunshine Coast

Conveyancing Solicitor Services on the Sunshine Coast

Anumis Legal provides a range of legal services to customers across the Sunshine Coast, including comprehensive conveyancing work for both buyers and sellers. Our conveyancing services on the Sunshine Coast can help you to buy or sell a property smoothly and efficiently, with your priorities – whether that’s time, budget, or both – always put at the forefront of our work.

We carry out conveyancing services for both residential and commercial properties around the Sunshine Coast, though we specialise in commercial conveyancing. If you’re looking for qualified legal professionals who can support you through every stage of your property purchase or sale, ensuring all legal requirements are met, call Anumis Legal on 07 5455 6347 today.

How does conveyancing work?

Conveyancing steps for buyers

When buying property, it’s important to work with a licensed conveyancer who can give you the peace of mind you need to proceed with the purchase. Our conveyancing services for buyers include support at every stage of the purchase process:


Reviewing your contract for mistakes or hidden stipulations


Helping you to understand your rights as per the contract


Uncovering any preconditions of sale


Helping you to prepare your documentation and transfer duty payments


Outlining any costs you will need to pay at the settlement


Working with the seller’s solicitors to coordinate the purchase settlement


Ensuring the property you’re buying is transferred legally to you

Conveyancing steps for sellers

Selling a property is just as complex as buying one. With our help, your property sale on the Sunshine Coast can go smoothly. Our conveyancing services for sellers include:


Keeping you up to date with the progress of your sale


Clarifying your rights and obligations as the seller


Conducting a title search on your property


Monitoring preconditions of your property sale and ensuring they are met


Ensuring that transfer documents are accurate


Working with the buyer’s solicitor to coordinate settlement arrangements


Checking that your mortgage is properly discharged upon sale

A Commercial Conveyancing Office on the Sunshine Coast

Commercial conveyancing services

At Anumis Legal, we specialise in conveyancing services for commercial properties. Our specialist legal advisors are experienced in working on the purchase and sale of commercial properties of all types and sizes and can ensure that your transaction goes ahead on schedule, unhindered by legal difficulties. Our team of experts is knowledgeable on the specifics of commercial property contracts and can help you navigate the complexities of buying or selling commercial property on the Sunshine Coast with ease.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I look for in my property conveyancer?

Choosing the right property conveyancer is an important step when buying or selling any kind of property. Make sure you work with a property conveyancer who is licensed, and who you feel good working with. You’ll likely be working closely with your conveyancer, so choose someone who is approachable and who listens to your priorities rather than working to their own.

How much does conveyancing cost?

Conveyancing services can vary, usually rising with the price of the property you’re buying or selling, and disbursement costs – the expenses your solicitor will need to pay to third parties on your behalf – will also factor in. For an accurate idea of how much conveyancing might cost, contact our office today.

Why should I work with Anumis Legal?

At Anumis Legal, we have years of experience working with clients across the Sunshine Coast on a range of property purchases and sales. Our team of advisors are qualified, licensed, and highly skilled, and will work efficiently to complete your property transaction quickly and efficiently, without any surprises along the way.

Meet Our Team

Dr John Cronin

Dr John Cronin holds a Master’s Degree in Business Management, a PHD in socially responsible investment, and is pursuing a further PHD in superannuation law. In his earlier engineering career, he led numerous large-scale equipment design and infrastructure development projects. A former financial and investment advisor, Dr John has a wealth of experience across banking, finance, and investment.

Nadine Love

Nadine Love holds a Master’s Degree in Dramatherapy. In her earlier career as an author, mentor and trainer through her books, products, and coaching services she assisted people to transform their personal and professional lives to find confidence, clarity, success, and wellbeing. Nadine was
awarded the 2020 NSW Bar Association Prize for Civil Litigation and Evidence.

You can depend on our commercially oriented law firm to get to know you & your business needs in depth. Our expert legal advice, courteously tailored to your specific circumstances, is at your right hand so that you can make informed choices round the clock.


Client Reviews


Outstanding professional service

"Outstanding professional service and an excellent choice of firm for both our business lease and personal wills. We have sold several properties and can highly recommend Anumis Legal as the best legal service we have ever encountered. Thank you, Anumis for the peace of mind – drjohn you are a gem.”

We were delighted and relieved to find Dr John

"Both my husband and myself run small family businesses on the Sunshine Coast and from time to time have needed legal advice across a variety of tasks. While other legal companies provided helpful and courteous attention, we were delighted and relieved to find drjohn Cronin at Anumis Legal a few years ago. His wealth of experience, diversity in skills and achievements ensured we received solid legal advice, provided with diligence and care. Always grateful for his collaborative approach, wise counsel, accurate advice and opinions on a wide range of issues we feel very well served legally and confident that we are in safe hands. We are proud to be clients of Anumis Legal!”

Anumis legal ensured all the work was completed and done well.

"My home was flooded due to a burst water filter whilst I was away. I had previously dealt with lawyers and hadn’t been happy with the outcome or the way I was treated. drjohn was reassuring and put me at ease straight away, I felt instantly that drjohn had my back. drjohn dealt with all contact with the builders and ensured I was provided with the correct certification and guarantees and attended site meetings to ensure I had support from start to finish. Anumis legal ensured all the work was completed and done well. ”

Dr John made it easy for me

"Awesome! Thank you. drjohn made it really easy for me and I feel so much better about going into the lease now.”

Calm and clever. Keeping me focused.

"drjohn had been really wonderful. Calm and clever. It’s keeping me focused. (Family Law matter)”

So glad he’s my lawyer

"The meeting with drjohn went well. So glad he’s my lawyer. (Family Law matter)”

Dr John provided great counsel, coaching, and clear advice

"I share a similar story to many young start-ups. Group of friends getting together behind an exciting idea. We set up a company, gave each other the title of director and went out to go change the world. As our company grew, it evolved and how we worked together needed to evolve with it. drjohn provided great counsel, coaching, and clear advice. drjohn mediated discussions that lead to a stronger shareholder agreement. In addition, provided us with the full new start-up business pack, we now have contractor agreements and solid terms and conditions for our services. I am a better managing director as a result of drjohn’s advice. As a team, including the businesses we now partner with, are much stronger together. I am grateful for drjohn’s support and will continue to partner with Anumis Legal as our business continues to grow.”

Clarity, honesty, integrity, passion

"Their clarity, honesty, integrity and a passion for providing quality service to their clients. (Family Law matter”

Great solicitor. Great guy.

"drjohn is a great solicitor and an all round great guy. A pleasure to meet him.”

Highly ethical.

"drjohn is highly ethical and really looks after his clients. I was incredibly impressed with him. I would highly recommend him to anyone. Thanks for all your hard work on our case.”