In general, same-sex relationships are dealt with at law in the same way as heterosexual de-facto and married relationships. However, same-sex relationships can present unique set of legal challenges. From property ownership, surrogacy arrangements, time with the child or children, spousal support and inheritance, the laws governing these areas can be unclear for same-sex couples. As a result, it is important to consult with our experienced Anumis Dream Team. With the help and support of our family lawyers, you can navigate the often-complicated legal landscape.


Nadine Love

Nadine Love is a lawyer and part of “the dream team” at Anumis Legal. She completed her law degree at Southern Cross University and received the New South Wales Bar Association Prize for Evidence and Civil Litigation. In addition to her passion for family law and therapeutic jurisprudence Nadine is also a celebrated international author, personal & business coach, drama therapist and motivational mentor. Nadine’s interests encompass swimming and walking in the rainforest with golden retriever Anu, and Australian Shepherds, Lex, and Onyx. She combines her strengths of advocacy, empathy and out-of-the box problem solving to support her clients to achieve their best legal outcomes.

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